Thursday, July 10, 2008

Part Two: and then there was the 4th

Thursday we slept in the yurt and woke up to this view of cows and Mt McLoughlin. I could live here:

We took a little walk around the barn/yurt area:

Our friends are great builder and gardners. They built a green house and then planted upside down tomato plants:

They gave me this one:

Not only are they great builders but they are so resourceful and smart. They made planters out of old tires:

I love the chandelier outside their yurt:

We started off the morning participating in the Eagle Point Betty Ann Marlia Run. It is named after my friend Brian's grandma. The Marlias are a well known family in Eagle Point... One reason is because they are a HUGE family. Betty Ann Marilia had 13 children! ... Every year the Marlia's win the "largest" participating family award - this year the prize was a $100 to Hometown Buffet. {I wish I had a photo to show how many there were}

After the run we packed the Mercedes wagon and headed to the Coast.

On the way we stopped off at the Illinois River - about an hour out of the way! It is a beautiful river, so clean, crisp and clean - so worth it:

Then we got back on the road to the coast... Not that long after I noticed that we passed a sign saying "Welcome to California" ... I didn't expect that.  We ended up taking a detour road and headed through the Redwoods:

After our Redwood fun we packed the Mercedes again and got back on the road:

We arrived at the coast, to our Ireland's Rustic Lodge, around 7 ... we were so exhausted from the day we had just enough energy to enjoy the spa on the beach for a while during the sunset. We were so wasted we didn't even venture out to check out fireworks. But the rest was worth it.

... and that was only day 2.

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