Sunday, July 13, 2008

Part Three: Saturday - to the end

Saturday we woke up on the coast and decided to enjoy it for a while... we stopped at Harris beach to play... Lori Jo and Brian were married on Harris beach, so its special that we got to go here:

... Justin and I found some tide pools... I love tide pools.

... Lori Jo flew a kite... and then made me a shaker out of a piece of seaweed.

After our beach fun we decided to stop and get some seafood... I was craving clam chowder, how could you not when your on the chilly beach? ... Well, we went to the Hungry Clam - they were busy but we didn't expect the long wait ... 90 mins later, we got our food, we were hungry, grumpy and off schedule.

On our way home from the coast we stopped by this place: Its a Burl... this man is a wood craving genius. I wanted to buy a piece.. but I couldn't afford the $2700 wood couch.

Then we stopped by Troon winery for some wine tasting, a highlight for me.

After the winery we went to Jacksonville for dinner. Jacksonville was booming in the 1800's during the gold rush... I really liked this town, it had lots of charm.

The Britt Fest is in Jacksonville .. nightly concerts outside, under a beautiful Oregon sky. We saw the Punchbrothers, Chris Thile's new band, it was so wonderful ... we sat in the grass, drank wine and listened to beautiful bluegrass. Great way to end the night.

That night we spent the night at Lori Jo's parents house in Talent. The next day we hung out in Ashland, went to the park, had a picnic, went to a record shop, walked around.... Then we went back to Eagle Point and spent our last evening out by the yurt. It was perfect, we just wanted to soak in Eagle Point, the yurt, the country, the cows, the garden... a peaceful ending to a busy vacation. So long Eagle Point!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting so much detail about the trip, I enjoyed reading about it and seeing the photos. I haven't been to Oregon since I was a kid.

Ricky, Tracie and Isabella Olivares said...

Hi friend,

I can tell you had a great time during your trip! I've made that drive oh so many times, from CA to Oregon/Washington and back. I agree that being able to share the drive makes it a lot better! I've done it alone 3 times.. ugh! But Oregon in summer time is wonderful. Shasta had no snow! but it is a beautiful place. Glad you had fun, thanks for sharing the pictures. love, tracie