Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fun In L.A. (I love the office!)

On May 20th some friends (Jamie, Charles & Jordan) and I went to LA... to explore, get to know our city.... We drove around then went to the LA Farmers market, by the Grove... had good Indonesian food.. then went to Hollywood and Highland... walked around, looked at the stars on the ground... and tried to avoid the creepy dressed up characters in home made outfits. You need to avoid looking them in the eye, otherwise, they will come after you. As what happened to me and Freddy Kruger... unfortunately he caught my eye, I tried to escape him by walking faster, but he came after me with his plastic claws- he ran then across the back of my neck... that made me yelp and run faster straight in front of a group who was taking a picture with Jack Sparrow.. . A big "Awwwww!" of disappointment came from the crowd because I had ruined there photo, now they are going to have a picture of my scared profile running by. Jack Sparrow wasn't so happy with me, he put his sword to my throat and told me I was to WALK THE PLANK.
by this time, I was done with the touristy part of LA... I want to go home.

Later that night on news, it turns out Freddy Kruger stabbed someone with a pair of real metal claws! Supposedly a homeless guy kept teasing him, the guy took Freddy's mask, and Freddy went to grab it back and stabbed the guy in the gut.. hMmMM?

This last weekend Justin and I decided to roam LA, no real plans or course... we ended driving straight through downtown LA, through the fashion district, then the flower district, then we happened upon, what we think is, Skid Row.. there were people EVERYWHERE, in the streets, sleeping on the sidewalk, there were tents on the street..
Driving through this part of LA made us think that we were in another country, it smelled like home made Mexican food, there were more foreign languages then English... the buildings had flat fronts, most in bright colors, like orange, turquoise and red...

We ended up at the Farmers Market, where I was the weekend before, and we ate at the Banana Leaf, where I ate the weekend before. (The Banana Leaf at the Farmers Market in LA has GREAT FOOD, YUMMMM) While walking around the Farmers Market, Justin grabs my arm and says, "Do you know who that guys is?" .... I look at the guy, and yes! that is that guy from the Office, our favorite show!! I tell Justin and he HAS TO talk to him. So, Justin goes up to him, says, "Hey, you're in the office!! You are my favorite on the show, YOU ARE THE BEST, THE BEST, MAN... " The guy seemed be a little embarrassed.. and his friends were smiling in the background, probably thinking that is funny that their friend is being "recognized" ... Well, he introduces himself as "Paul" Justin takes a picture with him, and then we part... it was enough to make us both very gitty... that is our favorite show... Toby is a great character on the show.... what a treat.

We continue to walk around, and then lo and behold, I spot... ANGELA from the office, she is talking on her cell phone in front of the Banana Leaf... We did not approach her though... on the show, she is some what stuck up... we know its only TV, but it left us feeling scared to talk to her! So, we looked at her briefly and then passed right on by....
We wanted to look around for more people from the Office, could Dwight be there?? That would have been the topper... but we left and didn't see anyone else..

We then drove to Santa Monica... went to the beach, the pier... where they had a Memorial... There were thousand of white crosses on the beach, representing those who have died in Iraq... It was pretty powerful... we then walked up the Promenade... we watched a few street shows... then headed home.. it was a LONG day...

The NEXT day, some friends and I went to LACMA, for the Gustov Klimt exhibit .. I really like his stuff... then we walked to the tar pits... that smell gives me a headache... THEN we ate the best Indian food ever.. at the New Dehli Palace in Pasadena, my favorite restrurant.. its "Hauntingly good"... it is.