Friday, February 08, 2008

Sight: It's a beautiful thing.

What happened now, right? I know.

Think about it: our ability to "see" is amazing! It can be one of those things you don't miss till its gone.

I think about this because yesterday I had an "optical migraine" - I think. After staring intently at the computer for a few hours, which I know I shouldn't do, I had a blurry wavy spot blocking my vision, causing blind spots. Then it spread on my right eye and my whole peripheral vision was blurry and moving, like wavy lines, like pavement on a hot day. Needless to say, this really freaked me out. It went away after about 15 minutes - it was a long 15 minutes.

I am a paranoid person, I will admit this. It's sort of humiliating to say, but it's true. Please don't judge me. Being paranoid, I instantly thought "what if I go blind!?" My future life started to flash before me, what would it be like? Would Justin and I still go to Cairo? I'd never be able to see a mountain again, or see my child's face. What about my photography? Would there be an element of fear involved, waking up late at night and not being able to see what is making a "noise"? I really do torture myself.

I went to the eye doctor. I pretty much "failed" the peripheral vision test (don't understand what that means as far as my vision goes), and I have a lot of floaters that could be blocking vision and pulling on my retina. But my retina isn't coming unattached, I guess I'm not going blind. What we do know, my job is hurting me! These hours of staring at the computer. They recommend I set an alarm for every TEN minutes to look away from my computer (and for those of you who spend lots of time on the computer, you should do it too!) ... so here I go.


jenergy said...

scary indeed. yes, please set your alarm...
glad you're ok.

matt said...

ugh. how terrible.

Ben Wideman said...

Just discovered your blog! Very cool. Scary post though!

You two are going to Cairo sometime??? That's pretty amazing.

See you around.