Thursday, February 14, 2008

Outlaw 'em - there I said it

To tell you the truth, I haven't given gun rights much thought before. I don't know much about the debate, but right now I am so upset about all the shootings recently (below) it is making me ask: "Why are guns even legal?"

The old argument is: "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" ... I understand, but how are all these distraught people getting a hold of guns? What if they didn't have guns available? What is going on here?

All I know is I am leaning towards being in favor of outlawing guns. I know its the second amendment right, but I don't agree with it. We have the right to bare arms to defend ourselves, how many times are guns used as a defense? I know it is a sport for some people hunt, but that is a small percentage of people (and what is up with handguns and automatic weapons?).

How did these people get guns? (only a partial list):

April 16th: Virgina Tech - 32 killed
Dec '07: Nebraska Mall Shooting - 19yr old kills 8
Dec 24th: Washington - a girl kills her whole family - 6 killed
Dec 9th: YWAM & Colorado church - 24yr old kills 4
Feb 2nd: Chicago - Lyane Bryant Store - five women killed
Feb 7th: LA - 19 yr old killed his family and swat officer
Feb 7th: Missouri: Man opens fire in City Council meeting - 5 killed
Feb 9th: Louisiana College - a nursing student shoots and kills 3
Feb 13th, yesterday: Oxnard - 14yr shot a 15 year
Feb 14th, today: Illinois University - 5 killed


Jen said...

i so agree.
thanks for the reminder:)

Ben Wideman said...


you're preaching to the choir.

From de Cafe said...

outlaw guns?
why? becuz people misuse them on other people 4 no good reason?

we have more gun laws now than ever, but in the past people weren't misusing them nearly as much as they are now.

must we lose a fundamental right becuz a tiny number of our fellow citizens are sick, crazy, or just evil?

if our fellow drivers start drinking & driving more, causin more accidents & deaths, will you then advocate the outlaw of our cars? can't we come up with a better & less simplistic solution than simply giving in to political manipulation & sayin "get rid of them!"

i would consider seriously outlawing guns if it meant keeping weapons from EVERYONE - including the military, govt, & the bad guys - not just the law abiding citizen such as you & me.

I enjoy your blog adventures & pics.

just thinking. something we don't do much of anymore, especially in the voting booth....