Monday, November 12, 2007


Sometimes I feel anxious. Sometimes I worry a lot and things really catch up to me. I don't like that. And, I don't want to be like that. It's taken a few anxious breakdowns for me to realize that is not how I want to live.

I've made it a goal of mine, actually Justin and I have made this a goal for ourselves, to try to live a life with the least amount of stress. Of course, we can't avoid all stresses, so we also want to practice things that help us deal with stress.

I want to be able to be completely tranquilo. I want to be able to sit in the quiet and think, not be worried. I really think those times will help me work on being a creative person as well. I am constantly busy or worrying and I don't have a lot of time to think, just think, and to create.

... I really like doing yoga. I really do feel a rush of calmness afterwards, physically and mentally. (I like using the yogamazing podcasts on itunes)

Another thing I've been practicing is not rushing. I am very time oriented person. I don't like being late, which isn't a bad thing, but I find myself stressing myself out to get somewhere on time, not worth it! ... I am going to take my time (I will try at least)!

I also like to do things that bring me a lot of joy, like cooking! I can't explain it, but it really does make me happy. I love to creative things in the kitchen. I love making my husband good meals. I love eating.

And.. of course, walking. I like to walk and think, or listen to music. There is something about being outside. We live in beautiful Southern California! Sure, the air might not be great, but we have some beautiful scenery. I love the mountains. I almost feel like I need that time, that time of being outside, the time to "connect to nature" - might sound hippie-ish. But it's not! ... It's true.

I often find myself worrying about things in the future, or thinking about things in the past. I really want to focus on the present. I often look forward to things that are coming up, but when they come I don't fully take advantage of that time. It slips away between the future and the past. What's the point of looking forward to something if I don't fully enjoy it when it comes?

Certain circumstances have made these things important to me. Couldn't we all use a less stressful life?


matt said...

i like your blog too!

Anonymous said...

that's not hippie-ish at all. i was really encouraged by your words. i've been in a similar place and it's good to know that friends are striving for things too. keep writing.