Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mason Jennings...

Tonight... tonight we are going to see Mason Jennings.. for the 4th time, maybe 5th - I don't remember. But I am excited. Mason isn't an exceptional performer or anything, not like Jon Brion. But he is amazing in his own way. He is a talented song writer. His lyrics really inspire me and I love his music, what can I say?

So, I am sure I will update this after we see him, but I am just so excited I need to share it. We are going to the Troubadour. We have seen him here twice before.

The first time we saw him there he was explaining the meaning of one of his songs and someone in the crowd yells "Just play the song, pussy!" ....

WHAT!!??! Oooh, that really made me mad. I mean, how freakin disrespectful. This person obviously paid for his ticket, he came to see Mason, why offend him?

Mason has this DVD called, "Use Your Van." Justin and I were watching the DVD for the first time right when it came out, and Mason is practicing before a show, talking with the other band members and he says "Someone in LA called me a pussy during the show last night." We were there! ... And Mason mentioned it, it must have bothered him. That guy was an asshole!

UPDATE -- November 9th.

... What can I say, I love Mason's music. I love his lyrics, I love his voice. Justin said it well last night: Mason has a clear voice and he annunciates very well, just so damn smooth! (I added that). He did a great job last night, had me in a complete trance. I was even able to zone out the half drunk crowd singing along and doing interpretative dances to every song. The highlight song for me was his new song. It was so funny and witty, I love it and I can't wait to hear his new album. I also loved the fact that he played a Neil Young song, "Out On The Weekend".

Here is a bad quality video of him play his new song somewhere else:

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Jen said...

hey,, stumbled across your blog from matt's page:) Figured if we carved pumpkins together you would have to remember me. Just wanted to say I am a huge Mason fan... i appreciate the appreciation, anyways.
and I'm never gonna leave lemon grove avenuuuuu....