Thursday, June 05, 2008

Holy Cashews!

I am so excited about this. Yes, a completely raw, vegan, sugar-free dessert, (sounds boring huh?) that is AMAZING! ... I was so overly excited to write about this that I haven't written the recipe down yet, but I will figure it out soon enough, and post if wanted.

The other day I tried making a raw peaches and cream pie. And, well, it came out ok. The ingredients and recipe were great, its just that I didn't blend the cashews enough so the texture was all wrong, and texture is important. The texture was so bad that I actually started to gag.

Well, then I found this recipe for Cashew Cream. Soaking cashews then blending them with water to make a heavy cream-like substitute, and its wonderful. I can't wait to put it in coffee... and other heavy-cream friendly things. It's creamy, flavorful, and slightly sweet.

From there I decided to try the peaches and cream pie again - with lots of changes, and no peaches. What came from that was a cheese-cake like dessert, that honestly, is INCREDIBLE. The crust is made with pecans, maple syrup, vanilla and cacao, the filling is soaked cashews blended with honey. And I am very excited about it, can you tell?

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