Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A highlight from our camping trip this weekend: The Pinnacles

It had been 5 years since I've done this hike, 5 long years. I still remembered parts of it, I remembered how to get there, where to park, the rifle range, the duckies, the eagle rock, the markers, to take a left at the first fork.. etc.  But I didn't remember how hard and long it was (about 6-7 miles)! ...

When I worked at Alpine I would get off work at 5pm at the ropes course, we would quickly grab some water and food then drive out to the pinnacles, fly through the hike to make it just in time to catch the sunset at the peak, and then hike back in the dark. We did this almost weekly. It was glorious, such a great time in my life. 

This time the hike was just as glorious.  Although, we kept thinking it was the nearest peak, "it's just at the top of this hill..." ... "ok, I am certain this time, its at the top of this next hill..." ... Three hills later we almost gave up, thinking that we had gotten lost. But sure enough, we had some good sports there, they wanted to keep going on this wild goose chase. Finally we reached the peak, and thank God we did, it was worth it. To go all the way there and not reach the pinnacles, how disappointing. 

My Seven Second Video Tribute:

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