Monday, May 05, 2008



What a wonderful 27. If the welcome into twenty-seven is indicative of how this year will be, then I whole-heartedly look forward to this year.

I am so extremely thankful for the love I feel. My husband did an amazing job at making me feel special on my birthday. He got up early, made me breakfast, picked me flowers, took me to get my present, wrote me a card, he is wonderful.

My co-workers took me out to lunch at Wholefoods, and if you know me, you know that is my Disneyland. Then that night we went to the Largo for the last Watkins Family hour before they move to another building. FIONA APPLE made an appearance, and I must say, I love her. She is an energetic, lovable, interesting person. You can tell she is real and has a lot of soul. She was really grooving to a couple of the songs, she looked free and happy, not worrying about what she looked like. I want that freedom.

I got to spend time with family on Friday evening, my grandma made dinner, we hung out. Afterwards, I went over to Jeff & Melissa's - smoked hookah, drank wine, ate cheese and had great conversations with great friends.

Saturday my cousin graduated from APU with her masters, congrats Michelle. We celebrated, hung out with family.

Sunday some friends piled into our little house like good sports. They brought the most amazing food. And the gifts, I wasn't expecting that, but I received the most special gifts. It is as if they read my mind and soul. I am so extremely thankful, and amazed at how well people know me and what I like! I am completely blown away and grateful. We all need moments like this, don't we? The ones where we feel overwhelming loved and we overflow with appreciation for our friends and family. This residual feeling will get me through future hard times. I will think about this time and be grounded in my community, family and love.

Thank you friends.

This is at the Largo, Fiona Apple, Nickel Creek, Jon Brion and Benmont Tench. This song is magical. Please watch.


Ben Wideman said...

I'm very intrigued by the Watkins Family Hour. We need to talk how I can get to one of these someday!

Amanda Mae said...

They are playing again on June 5th..., you should go!