Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good Times

Last night Justin and I went on a little hike before we headed over to hear No Little Kindness. We went to Eaton Canyon, the lower part, the same place we went to with a few friends on Sunday. On Sunday we went right at sunset, we were trekking through the tall grass with no worries, some were even wearing sandals; we left with plenty of stickers in our shoes and bug bites.

Last night Justin and I did the same hike... accept this time, half way through our walk Justin freaks out because I nearly stepped on a snake... luckily it wasn't a rattler, but nonetheless, cool! I am little bit oblivious when it comes to seeing-things-while-walking. But Justin on the other hand, he has an eagle eye! Which is ironic, because in our relationship, I am the detail-oriented person, and Justin... not so much.

After seeing that snake, we decide its about time to head out of the tall grass. I look down, determining to be vigilant, keeping a close eye out, focusing, and then:

Justin: "holy sh*t!!"
Amanda: "What! What's wrong?" ... "hello! What are you freaking out about!?"
Justin: "You just walked over a F-in rattle snake! Didn't you see it?!"
Amanda: "What! I am going to run back to the trail, ok!?"
Justin: "NO!"

Needless to say, under pressure, we crack. But we made it out in one piece, barely.
Eaton Canyon is so full of life! A lot of those being bugs, but we also saw a rabbit, and some really neat birds. Here are the creatures that stood still long enough for us to take a photo:

PS - Got to give credit where credit is due: Justin took most of these photos.

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