Monday, January 28, 2008

08 Things

In honor of the upcoming Chinese New Year (mainly because I am late on the "New Year Resolution" stuff): Chinese New Year Goals

... I am not big on resolutions, but after some thinking I have 8 things I do want to do in '08... more like goals - no particular order.

1. Hike up Mt. Wilson - I see her everyday, she says "CLIMB ME ALREADY!"

2. Do more yoga - in line with my less stress goals

3. Finish the cookbook - Hopefully sooner than later.

4. Develop a creative business - so many ideas, too many ideas, just need courage!

5. Put together another Sycamore Merger Show - No, really, I want to.

6. Try to not buy anything "new" for a few months (not including food & hygiene products, of course)

7. Focus on being healthy - on many levels

8. Use the ARTS bus - why not?

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matt said...

why not?