Tuesday, September 05, 2006

BEAR VEST & Hobos & Amazon woman

on Saturday night a group of us went to the Mt Baldy lodge to see Hobo Jazz... Up first, before Hobo Jazz was this band Sugar Mountain Mama Serenade... while they were setting up the place looked pretty chill.. just families, hang out... then, around 9pm it was as if a bus full of hippies showed up. There were skirts, hairy arm pits, and dreads everywhere.
They really got into the Sugar Mountain mammas... they were dancing like crazy.... but honestly, they weren't that great. We couldn't wait for them to finish.... but Charles kept yelling "KEEP IT COMING, PLAY ANOTHER ONE!"
In order to pass the time we amused ourselves by people watching, and there were plenty of specimens for that. Justin spotted one he called "Bear Vest"... he amused himself by shouting "BEAR VEST!" and he even touched the bear vest... to my disapproval.

Finally.... Hobo Jazz came on.... and they were really good. They had a lot of energy, they sounded great (especially after the mammas)... and they made the hippies dance too... We ended up leaving toward the end of their set... and as we were leaving we watched from outside, trying to get a better view of the band (and less dancing hippies).. and in our plain view comes this amazon woman who starts humping the window... it was enough to scare us away... so we left...

I love Mt Baldy

HOBO JAZZ: http://www.myspace.com/hobojazz

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