Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ice House Saddle

Hiking... I say I love it... and I do. But its one of those things that, while in the moment, I begin to wonder what made me love it in the first place.
Last Saturday Justin and I, with a couple of friends, hiked the Ice House Canyon Saddle in Mt. Baldy. - It was beautiful, the weather was perfect.... It was uphill, my legs were burning, my butt still hurts. But I love it. I love the creek, the water is so clear. I love the trees, I love being outside; we saw a couple of lamas, and a few deer.
We have made it a goal to keep on this hiking trend.
In May we hiked to the summit of Baldy, a couple of weeks ago we hiked the infamous Bridge to Nowhere... next, we are thinking The Devil's Punchbowl...
Why are so many hiking destinations and trails referred to as "Devil" by the way?


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