Friday, September 19, 2008

A Few Good Things This Week

• I wanted to run last night, ... so instead I made these cookies ... Hm. I need to get on the ball. But these cookies are "healthy" ... so that should count for something, right? It's almost like running... Well, nonetheless, it makes me happy.

• I went with some good friends to a spa to unwind on Wednesday. We bathed together, relaxed in the sweltering saunas, frozen in the cold pool and laid on the heated jade floor. Afterward we went for a beer and fish & chips, we enjoyed each others company, and laughed a lot ... It was a great evening, we weren't in a rush, the traffic in L.A. didn't stress us, it was refreshing.

• I have obsessively been watching Take Away Shows on Blogotheque... They are good for the soul. When I watch them it makes me want to play music so bad that it hurts. More than a show these are like expressions; they are enjoying themselves and really feeling the music. I wanted to share one, but I couldn't decide which one, so I will share two:

Beirut on the streets of Paris:

Justin really likes Architecture in Helsinki playing in Paris:

(...and so many more like Lykke Li, Yeasayer, The Cold War Kids, Jose Gonzales, and our friends Bodies of Water.)

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


From de Cafe said...

AM, i luv the cookies & music!
And, i know the feelin about wanting to play music - i wish i had stuck with it rather than give it up at a young & dumb age.

Also, a coffee luver? where do u get your local coffee fix? Any recommends 4 good doggie food? (hohoho)

Like Beirtut, luv Badly Drawn Boy.

Amanda Mae said...

hello! ... I like going to Zephyrs and Zona Rosa (good Mexican mochas!)