Thursday, June 12, 2008

Native Plants

Lately we have been getting into identifying the plants of Eaton Canyon. What might appear to be a normal plant becomes so much more interesting once you know it's name, family and potential uses, or toxicity. I didn't realize how many cool plants were in the Canyon! And I didn't know how many of them were edible or medicinal. If Justin and I ever end up stranded out in the canyon, maybe we can use our knowledge of plants to feed us. Although, knowing my memory I would get a perfectly edible plant confused with an entirely toxic plant.

On our hike the other day we tried a few of the plants, we ate a couple of berries, one of which had a tomato-y taste, not bad. And we also ate the seed of a yucca plant. It was ok tasting, sort of bitter.

White Sage
(great smell!)

(almost all of this plant is edible)

We haven't identified this one yet, but it looks similar to a Sticky Monkey Flower, which happens to be my favorite plant name, ever.

Holly Leaf Cherry
(the berries are edible)

Haven't figured out what this is yet, but I really like it.

(If you happen to know the names of the missing plants, let me know, please!)

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