Monday, June 23, 2008

June Photo Exchange ::Black & White::

Thank you to all those who participated! There were 19 people signed up, in 4 countries. I really appreciate the thought people have been putting into their photos and the stories they have to share. Here are the photos that were submitted so far:

Future plans for the exchange...

I am thinking about going ahead with July but the days might be a little different. There is a lot going on this summer, I am sure a lot of people are busy. I will send out an email about it soon, but let me know if you are interested in keeping it going.

If this little exchange goes for a few months, with the amount of people that have been participating, I am thinking about making a little book with all the photos. It will either be Booklet/Magazine type of thing printed at my work, or a real-deal book printed on demand. We'll see, I am just dreaming for now, but dreamin' don't hurt no one.

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