Friday, March 14, 2008

Heart of Gold

I can't explain what this song does to me... Songs have this amazing ability to bring up memories, vivid feelings, places, people. (Smells do the same thing, I love the smell of Sandalwood, Cigars, Jasmine Flowers, etc.) I love it, I think it's truly a gift.

I think of the old Dodge truck, the beast of a truck my dad used to have. The one my brothers and I almost cried over when he sold it to Henry in Mexico. I remember the cassette player, I even remember the cassette that had a compilation of songs (including this one). I remember driving to Mexico, our roll over accident on the 57. Camping on the beach.

Long trips to the Sequoias, to Seattle, to Canada. The way my dad would sing under his breath, in a sort of a Neil Young, shaky way. Trips to ... Glamis. Riding quads, campfires. I remember we would be hanging out at night listening to music and my dad would put on Neil Young and people would laugh in disapproval (we used to go with some young party people, they don't know what's good!).

It reminds me of being young and I can't put more words to it. It is my upbringing, my youth, my family. Our vacations, all the things we used to do, the good, the bad, the fun, the ordinary. The block parties, our neighbors, the hanging out and drinking on the porch, and the crazy fun-trouble that would come from that.

Sometimes I try to only listen to particular songs when I have time to reflect. I don't want those memories to be replaced. I want to forever think of those things when I hear this song. We all have songs like that, right? I sure hope so.


Ben Wideman said...

one of the first "rock" songs I ever learned on the guitar. such a simple and amazing song at the same time.

and better yet, sung by a Canadian :)

Jen said...

aaah girl. i cried reading this post. i think i am still crying. it is emotional this song. it makes me sad and happy at once.
this post reaffirmed my previous thought that i relate to you on some psychic level... or just a Niel Young level?