Monday, March 10, 2008

Eaton Canyon

We are beginning to love Eaton Canyon. We go here often to watch the sunset, a couple of times a week. Right now there is water flowing through the canyon, last time we were there someone told us that water hasn't flowed through there in a few years. It's not our old stomping grounds, Mt. Baldy, but we love it, it's beautiful, and its only a few minutes from our house.


Anonymous said...

How have I not been privvy to this blog??!!- it's beautiful and full of all my favorite kind of talk; seasons, food. Your pictures are stunning.
btw, have you read either books from the series "Simpler living, Compassionate Life" I grabbed an article out of one of them the other day and thought of you-- mybe we can talk about this soon. Say over a cup of tea. Peace & love

jen said...

you are lovely.
also, to add to caits, have you read the Wendell Berry take on food?
have we talked about this?

Hannah Lee said...

i LOVE your photos! more more more!!!

hannah =)