Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eat Well, Eat Responsibly

I do not mean to stand on another soap box, or do I? ha! I just share what I am passionate about and what is interesting to me. How could I not write, right?

In wake of recent news, and a recent blog by Greg Boyd, as well as some of my own thoughts, I am reaffirmed in my decision not to eat meat (I have many reasons, this happens to be one). Admittedly, I do eat fish, but I try to do this responsibly. (note: I have decided to only eat meat when it is offered to me, but I don't cook or oder it)

I do not share my thoughts to convert anyone into being a "vegetarian," nor do I condemn anyone for eating meat - it is not inherently wrong or sinful. I only suggest we try to eat consciously.

"Eat Well,
Eat Responsibly"

In Boyd's last blog he discusses how "we have reduced farm animals to commercialized commodities whose only value is found in how efficiently we can produce and slaughter them for profit." The more I read and see documentaries (click here to watch - warning, its graphic) on how our meat is processed, it saddens and disgusts me. I know eating animals is a natural thing, but there is nothing natural about factory farms and way meat is raised here - it's cruel and revolting. Animals aren't consider life in this manner, they aren't considered creatures that are created by God. There are alternatives: buying and eating meat from free range animals - where the animals are at least aloud to be animals, instead of products, before they die.

My choice has been not to eat meat at all for these, and other reasons. So, there you have it, my soap box. I welcome any thoughts and comments. Or if you want to make fun of me, that's cool too - my family is the best at that =)


matt said...

el video fue pesaaaado

jen said...

its not your soapbox, its your heart...
i love to hear what you think.

You may have just convinced me. Not that you were trying to or anything:)

Ricky, Tracie and Isabella Olivares said...

amen. i wholeheartedly agree that we should eat responsibly.