Thursday, January 24, 2008

Car-less and Fine

Strange to think that it's freeing... it has been.

Last Friday we were on our way to New Dehli with J y H and the car died, just died, no warning, not even a cough, just dead. We push the car to safety, I call AAA, Jake decides to run all the way back up Hill Street to our house to get his truck. Those tow truck guys are fast, they end up getting there before Jake makes it to get the truck, so we just meet him at our house - poor guy ran almost 2 miles up hill, literally.

It's almost been a week, and we are going strong. We rode our bikes to church, to Mike's house, to the store. Though I am disappointed that we haven't taken the ARTS bus yet. For now, we are getting along just fine. In fact, last weekend was a great weekend, very relaxing. I finished the book "A Thousand Splendid Suns" in a few days - I really enjoyed that book, more so than "The Kite Runner."

We have several friends from our church that live in Pasadena without a car, impressive I think. Although, I do appreciate having a car so that we can visit our families and friends east of us - for that fact, I am looking forward to being restored our mobility, hopefully by Sunday.

For now, I am enjoying this weather; I love the cold, the rain, and the snow that I can see out my office window.


Jen said...

that's your view??

Amanda Mae said...

That's my view! ... with a parking lot in front of it.