Monday, December 10, 2007

The Season

I've been feeling extra festive this season. In November, we fit a good number of friends nice and cozy in our home for a pre-Thanksgiving meal. It was nice to share a meal with friends. Good conversation, good food, good wine, good time, special time. I loved it.

This Christmas I am really feeling the holiday. And I am not talking about the latest sale, or the latest and greatest Christmas gift. I am definitely not into fighting for parking spots or arguing with fellow shoppers. Not my thing.

I love the small things, the side notes. I love cold weather, the creativity that comes out when making gifts for friends and family. I love making food, baking, eating. I love eggnog and pumpkin pie. I love the smell of cinnamon, I love the snow on the mountains; I am in love with the mountains. I really enjoy traditions of white elephant gifts, dinners, getting a tree, lights, snuggling with a warm blanket. I even like some Christmas music (mainly Sufjan's album). I love all that I can see, smell, taste and touch of this season.

Maybe this is because it's our first Christmas married. We are in our own home, we are having our own Christmas. It's a new festive adventure. Whatever, I love it.

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