Thursday, December 27, 2007

No Choice.

I was looking forward to my break from work. I wanted to run, get stuff done, visit some people, clean our house, and so on. But now I can't, I have to go slowly, walk slowly, move slowly, sit down slowly, get up slowly, and sneeze very carefully. It's a bit frustrating.

What I need most is sometimes to be still, to do nothing, to think, to read, to sit. And, I am the kind of person who will acknowledge how nice that sounds, but when there is stuff to do, I will not make time to be still. I always have it on the end of my "to-do" list, but I never get to the end.

Right now, I have no choice. Even if I take my pain killers and muscle relaxers I am too out of it to even drive. Instead, I am forced to do nothing, to relax. Shouldn't this be a blessing (except for the pain, of course)? It is! I will soak this in while I can. I am sure in no time I will up and moving again. For now, I slow down.

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